Your phone should now connect. We hope our article helped you. Return to the Internet connection screen and Select Connect. This camera-related article is a stub. As in the previous paragraphs, the first steps are similar.

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Cyber-shot cameras Sony Mobile mobile phones Mobile phones introduced in Camera stubs.

Using phone as a modem while on holiday. [Archive] – PC World Forums

Also a system tray balloon will appear next to the clock in the bottom right of your desktop and show your connection speed. In addition, activate the Bluetooth of the device to which you want to share the connection. Released on 7 Januaryit was a successor to the Ki model.

Before you begin this operation, make sure you are connected to your Wifi network and that this connection works correctly to enable Wifi connection sharing on your Sony Ericsson C NB Enter these settings in the wizard.

Using your handset as a modem 1. We will finish this article by configuring the modem mode on your Sony Ericsson C via Bluetooth.

Sony ericsson c modem driver download

The small plus of the modem mode by Wifi is that you can rename the Wifi connection of your Sony Ericsson C so that it is easier to find. The new connection will appear in a Manage Connections Box. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Make sure you disconnect from the Internet to avoid ericsskn data charges.


Aino U10i Yari Ui. Along with face detection this feature automatically takes a photo when a person smiles. This will allow you to protect your connection.

The phone also offers a large selection of settings for exposure and a built in photo editor. Although you may be able to purchase an internet key for your laptop when you are traveling, morem may have another option that may be cheaper: Before you begin handling, make sure that the Bluetooth of your Sony Ericsson C is turned on.

The phone supports auto rotation for portrait to landscape via the built-in accelerometer which is also used for various other applications such as a step counter Walk Mate and some games.

Once here, you just have to choose one of the devices that appears in the devices activated by the Bluetooth then to associate the two devices. Our team of experts is here for you. In Tools select Internet Connection. However, we recommend that you use this method only as a last resort because it does not emit as well as the other two methods. NB If you can not select the connect button select the advanced settings menu located underneath the button.


By using this site, you agree to the Ericssob of Use and Privacy Policy. This system available on your Sony Ericsson C is widespread and very convenient especially when you need internet on your computer when traveling or wricsson a friend urgently needs an internet connection. A Connection wizard will now guide you through setting up a New Connection. Retrieved from ” https: W8 Live with Walkman Xperia-based. This feature was later added to the C model.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The camera can shoot at up to 3.

How to configure connection sharing on Sony Ericsson C510

We hope our article helped you. If the device does not connect use the Drop down Box under the Connect Button and select Create new connection. With this method, you do not need a password because your Sony Ericsson C is directly connected to your computer.