Thanks for your patience and for providing us with all this feedback. Will look at the first use tonight. Members of both the 2 years map and 3 years map promotion will receive the same amount of map updates per year, as long as they are eligible. Do you still need to turn the new ones on and off Turns on each time with ignition. Really stretching things, I admit: When is the next map update due? Will give me time to hide all the porn haha Addy.

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The 4WD icon is missing Is the update working for anyone?

Yes Advanced Lane Guidance: The main question would be whether NavDesk would let you put any of these on your device or not.

Do they understand the problem or not?

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I think there is a problem in the way addresses have been parsed for the map database, so post codes or towns are being looked up incorrectly. Archive View Return to standard view. I have 2 suggestions for future improvements 1st In my job I stop for a while and go again frequently throughout the day. The stark spartan look of the map screen from preceding navmah remains.

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Given that the current update is broken wouldn’t it make sense to release a fixed version early? A new Winter map update will be release to rectify this issue and will be available in August Wasn’t the easiest product to download and instructions weren’t accurate. I followed the whole process to the letter only to find that I still dont have a 4WD Icon with the new Winter Maps installed. Sends me the wrong my60 constantly.

As a customer of Navman I do not believe its good enough to make customers wait nearly three months for these maps to be updated. Very dangerous if you do not check paper maps first.

Hi Bruce, Navman work with our mapping providers to release either monthly or quarterly mapping updates for purchase, or for those devices with lifetime maps. On my now-ancient MYXT, there’s a file called mu60t.

Navman MY60T Automotive (Mountable) GPS

The new Google tablet will have GPS havman, maybe go that way or just use phone nqvman. Has anyone had success with the new update. I suspect i am past the 2 years but in that time i got just 1 update!

I will hold on till they fix it. Someone with something more recent than my old MYXT feel like giving it a go?

Yousif asked on Feb 11, Our team is currently looking into this missing icon issue and I hope to have an answer for you shortly.


I think you were looking at www. Listing monitored by Navman representatives. I tried that yesterday and already replied with screenshots.

Do I have to wait for an email from someone? MY60T how to delete old addresses from my navman my 60t?

Navman MY60T Specs – CNET

NavDesk is confusing us? However, it unfortunately was not successful and hence why I had to call them again this morning. Yes, I see that your message was received. Whilst I appreciate Navman Support’s attempts, if the issue isn’t resolved in a timely manner, I won’t be buying or recommending Navman products again.

Going on my update history, i got first update in either December or Jan can’t remember exactlythen the next late Aprilso on the theory of 4 updates per year, Late July would be a close estimate for next map update Haha We’ve come a long way since the Commodore 64 Addy lol I’m fairly sure everyone will be having this problem.