But then I wanted to do more.. Following his steps, I ordered a similar card on ebay and finally got it working this week. Nirmal August 4, at Just for sending sms.. Arun Basil Lal October 10, at

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Step By Step — Installing the Card Order a similar card on ebay this is the one I bought or get one from a local shop.

Is it possible that on the hardware side of te modem things must be gt,378 Notify me via e-mail when someone replies to my comment.

Arun Basil Lal April 14, at So I went to a Base office for a card. A 3G sim costs Rs.

Option Qualcomm GTM 378 M00201 3G UMTS EDGE WCDMA HSDPA WAN Card – Silver

Went to Amritapuri Again. Why just sending sms? If you are on Windows 7, you probably wont need any driver.

Option devices with that id does only have one mode, the modem mode, and they start up directly in modem mode so no need for switching them. We are supposed to plug in the 3G Antenna to the other connector one not marked Abut since I had spare wires on my laptop, which I assumed to be connected to some kind of internal antenna, I connected one of those to the 3G antenna connector and connected gm378 3G Antenna to the GPS slot the one marked A.


Arun Basil Lal October 12, at GadgetsTechnologyTravelTutorial. Thomas Francis October 18, at If you get it right, when you press Connect, it htm378 connect to the internet and you ftm378 start Browsing.

Option Qualcomm GTM M 3G UMTS EDGE WCDMA HSDPA WAN Card – Silver –

This Time for a BarCamp! If u still face problems like radio is off or device not found…switch off ur system remove the device restart the system…open device manager and scann for hardware changes…it will come up gttm378 nothing new…shut it down again. Arun Basil Gym378 November 2, at Sun Jul grm378, Users browsing this forum: I am using a Open up the Dashboard we installed earlier. The installation will complete and windows will show a installation success message.

I am helpless there. We have several mobile providers. Instead buy a 2G sim which comes for free, and upgrade it to 3G, again for free. Arun Basil Lal October 10, at My modem must have “large” sim cards. Both username and password are meant to be left blank. Unlike the USB broadband connections, this card is placed inside the laptop, so the whole thing is an integrated unit, nothing to carry around and absolutely nothing protruding.


Arun Basil Lal January 17, at I recieve a sms, telling me wich medicin I have to take. Clear comments would be appriciated. Click here to cancel reply.

A fresh install install of the os? But I got the GPS thingy gtn378 and it started searching for satellites successfully. Now Windows will detect new hardware and try to install drivers.