I’m on my third one in six years so that’s not bad compared to everyone else’s I read below but man Apple, can you stop creating so much wasteful product?! But others [ who? Well the reality finally hit me that 1 I didn’t want to take the chance with a cheap knock off and 2 I can’t live very long without my Macbook. Archived from the original on 15 July RadioShack sells universal AC adapters of various capacities, branded as “Enercell Adaptaplug”, and fitted with two-pin female sockets compatible with their Adaptaplug connector lineup. Philmore and other competing brands offer similar AC adapters with interchangeable connectors.

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Flag as inappropriate This is my fourth power supply for my MBP This section does not cite any sources. My Mac Pro adapters keep petering out, they only last 6 months to a year! Wikimedia Commons has media related to Power adapters. Careful labeling of power adapters can also reduce the likelihood of a mixup which could cause equipment damage.

The label on a power supply may not be a reliable guide to the actual voltage it supplies under varying conditions. Spurious marks of conformity to standards may be present; in one case it was reported that “Chinese manufacturers were submitting well-engineered electrical products to obtain conformity testing reports, but then removing non-essential components in production to reduce costs”.


AC adapter

Hope it solves the problem for all of you who were just like me Flag as inappropriate Horrible. The result is a much more efficient, smaller, and lighter device.

If they are heavily loaded, the output voltage may droop appreciably, in haaing cases well below the nominal label voltage even within the nominal rated current, causing the equipment being supplied to malfunction or be damaged.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Supplies with linear as against adaptter regulators are heavy, bulky, and expensive. Flag as inappropriate I wish I could give fewer stars. I’m taking time while my battery dies to write this review, it’s that important for me to express my displeasure in this piece of hardware.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Share this On 5th charger maybe soon the 6th. I’m on my third one in six years so that’s not bad compared to everyone else’s I read below but man Apple, can you stop creating so much wasteful product?! Share this What does the research say? So I decided to bite the bullet and went out to the Apple store on my lunch break hawkng. But this is my second charger in two years and it begins to breake again!!!

The Digital Village, Ltd. This is the one aeapter of Apple’s technology that makes me consider jumping ship for another computer manufacturer for my notebook. The power adapter initially pretty awesome!

AC adapter – Wikipedia

For other senses of this term, see battery charger. Ugh this is my second time purchasing this charger for my mac. I’m owner of a Macbook Pro and love it. Bush referring in to such devices as “Energy Vampires”. It would be helpful if this problem could be fixed, as several customers are reporting this problem and the replacement adapters are quite expensive. However, some adapters, usually at very low prices, and sometimes with unknown brands or sometimes fraudulently marked with the name of a reputable manufacturer, have various deficiencies which can cause inadequate performance e.


In most external plug-in “wall wart” power adapters commonly used for low-power consumer electronics devices were of linear design, as well as supplies built into some equipment. More efficient power supply designs could cut that usage in half”.

What I’ve found is eventually mth mark the power supply will stop charging all together or the connecting pins get pushed in and you need to wiggle the cable to make the laptop charge. The last one only lasted about hawwing year.

In my opinion, even that is generous as a no star option would be more adequate.