Insert the print cartridge into the scanner Fig. Keep in mind DataLink continues to send signals to the scanner as long as the scanner is connected and the program is opened, which can disrupt the recalibration process. Servicing A Print Cartridge If a cartridge continues to print poorly after wiping the nozzle plate, a new print cartridge may be necessary. The essay points will be calculated into the final grade. Page of 32 Go. You can add the extra points to the essay question. However, you can sort the student database by last name by clicking the “Last Name” column.

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Don’t show me this message again. Please minimize the movement and leave the scanner in one spot.

Please refer to a related help page that lists AppScan machine locations. FAQ The following links redirect to some of the most frequently-asked questions regarding the AppScan scoring machine and the associated DataLink software.

DataLink Scanner

Troubleshooting… Rows in Sheet Differs from Key refer to page dstalink Calibrating DataLink This error generally occurs when the student answer sheet does not match the form used as a key. After cleaning, always calibrate the scanner refer to page To edit the key in DataLink: Firmly press in Fig.


If you want to add B as an datxlink, type in “B” next to the already existing answer. The DataLink will score up to questions. For Service and Repair, call Hopefully you saved the test results from the first batch of exams.

AppScan: FAQ – Help Pages – Information Technology – Cedarville University

Troubleshooting… Gently wipe the silver nozzle plate of the cartridge with a lint free paper towel. Servicing A Print Cartridge If a cartridge continues to print poorly after wiping the nozzle plate, a new print cartridge may be necessary.

This will not calculate into the final percentage. Information Technology absorbs the cost of all types of AppScan scoring forms. This form tabulates the votes for up to candidates. Cedarville University N. To calibrate the your scanner, follow the instructions printed on the calibration sheet. If you are seeking a world-class educational experience within a vibrant, Christ-centered learning community, Cedarville is the place for you.

100 Q DataLink 1200 Test Answer Sheet (28980)

Unfortunately, the current version of DataLink does not provide the option to weight answers within a single question. Calibration Sheet refer to page How can I display extra credit points? With AppScan, you run the front of the key then the back of the key immediately afterwards. Installing a New Print Cartridge 1. Data Collection Operation… The following data collection options can be enabled by making the appropriate selection on the keyline of the first sheet scanned. Run the key through again followed by the late exams.


Score or Rescore Options: Election results can be obtained by inserting Item Analysis Form through the scanner when the batch processing is complete, or by viewing results on the display window. For example, you want to throw out question 25 in a 50 question exam and calculate percentage correct out of 49 questions instead.

Apperson Launches DataLink ACT/SAT to Help Students Prepare for High-Stakes Tests

Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, except as allowed under the copyright laws. Why are multiple scanners prompting for recalibration after only or less scans? Essay and Extra Credit: If the problem persists, refer to the Troubleshooting section of the user manual. Rotate datalini three calibration sheets rather than using the same one.